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Complete profile


After completing PHA's student-athlete profile, the very first step in your family's journey begins with a consultation.  We begin by talking about the specific academic and athletic goals of your son or daughter.  We also spend time talking about preferences, including: size of school, location and other interests.  Our ultimate objective is to find the right fit.  This initial step lays the groundwork to achieve that goal.  Families walk away from the consultation feeling comforted that PHA has their best interest in mind and confident that there is a customized plan in place.  We pay attention to every detail to ensure that we can build and tell the best possible story for your child.

Formulate plan


Following the initial family consultation, PHA will begin to formulate a plan with clearly-defined action steps and a timeline. Securing video of the player becomes critical.  Discussions with current and former coaches, combined with video review, helps to determine a course of action and leads to an initial target list of schools.  The player's video is then utilized as a tool to introduce clients to prep school coaches.  We arrange in-person scouting and start to narrow the search to schools that are properly aligned with the player's ability and potential - both on the ice and in the classroom.   

Tap into network


PHA will leverage its extensive network of contacts within the boarding school community to effectively narrow the search .  Trusted relationships with admissions and financial aid directors, as well as hockey coaches, are leveraged in an effort to arrive at an appropriate short-list of target schools.   Depending upon the timing of the engagement, this step may also involve arranging for the player to compete in specific showcase tournaments to maximize exposure.  We provide assistance with arranging on-campus visits, interview preparation and standardized test prep.

Assist with placement

Finding your place.

There is a right fit for everyone.

We work tirelessly to find the best fit for our clients. 


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